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Heel wat interessante informatie over gezondheid op een eenvoudige manier uitgelegd.
Er is er één bij die gaat over verjonging:

Youthing, not Ageing !
Ageing is a slow process - and so is Youthing
"Immortal" blood ?
Ageing is organic waste build up?
Organic Wastes
Why children have no arthritis?
"Quick fix" could do more harm than good
Do not think in terms of days but in months and years
The physical approach
First do no harm!
Why diets do not work
Why detoxifications are not effective
Getting rid of the toxins
Our natural disposal system
Transforming solid acids into liquid acids
Looking younger does not mean being younger
Water - H20
Water is a carrier only
Understanding pH
The pH of Water
Mountain Water
"Typical" tap water
Treatment of drinking water with healthy additives in European countries
Tank water
Typical bottled water
Flushing out wastes with ionised alkaline water
The pH in our body
The right balance is important
Stomach juice
Skin / Perspiration
Saliva and Urine
Pancreatic juice
The basic minerals in our body and in our food
Why is acid free ionised alkaline water
so important?
Alkaline water is not alkaline water!
Water softener
Why should I use acid water?
Acid water is not acid water
Using acid water internally?
What is ionisation?
Ionisation of water
When to take ionised alkaline water
How much should I take?
The right amount depends on ones diet!
Cooking with alkaline water
Commercial Alkaline water
Storage / Shelf life of the water
Ionised water for beauty
Diseases: "Ionic calcium deficiency syndromes"
Negative side effects of ionised water?
The Water Activator
Measuring pH
Ionising water trouble shooting
Acid or alkaline FORMING Food
The biggest selling items in Australian Supermarkets
How can I know if a food is acid or alkaline forming?
List of foods
List of herbs
Organic food
Alkaline forming food could be in fact acid forming!
Are we starving with full stomachs?
Where is the bug?
Processing Food makes it acid
Drugs are acid forming
Other acid intensifying factors
Electro-pollution, Earthrays and Stress
Earthrays and Electro pollution
Electro pollution
Magnetic fields can change the pH of blood
How can you protect yourself from electro-pollution?
Other uses of activated ionised water
Activated water for plants
Activated water for animals
In Industry
Water filters
Ionised Urine
Percy's Powder
Food Ionisation
The memory of water
Levitieration of water
Ice flowers
Flower Remedies
Advantages of the Stepanovs Method
Super food from water and sunlight only (Chlorella/ Spirulina/ Klamathalgen)
Colloids for better absorption
Colloidal Sea Minerals
Colloidal Silver
Making your own Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Gold

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